About us

Chelenergopribor accuracysimplicityreliability

Main directions of work:

  • Devices for measuring low electric resistance, including contact resistance of mechanical contacts
  • Device for measuring specific electrical resistance of carbon and graphite items
  • Devices for diagnostics and repair of high voltage oil circuit breakers
  • Instruments for reading frequency response

Catalogue «Measuring devices for electric power industry»
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Prices on request:

To know the price, please, send your request to e-mail: info@limi.ru

Our history

The enterprise started as a laboratory of «South Ural State University» (SUSU) in 1999. Then it didn’t have an official name and all the projects were developed on the basis of «Laboratory of intellectual measuring devices» on SUSU premises. With the production growth in 2003, the laboratory turned into a separate company «Chelenergopribor».

Speaking about key developmental milestones of the company, we can highlight the following:

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All these years, the volumes of production steadily grew, scientific and technological potential of the company developed.

At present, the company produces 18 devices already, which are of high demand with the consumers, owing to high scientific level of our projects. All the solutions applied for producing the devices are protected by several patents.