Devices for relay protection and automation and energy service companies

  • Three-phase voltamperemeter and phase meter

    Voltamperemeter and phase meter VFM-3 is designed for simultaneous measurement of effective value of three phase and three phase-to-phase voltages, value of the strength of three alternating currents with simultaneous calculation of active, reactive, full power in the circuit, measurement of frequency and phase-shift angle between phase and phase-to-phase voltages, between currents and voltages, as well as for displaying a vector diagram of the voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

    The device has a built-in function of an electrical energy meter.

    The device can be used for complex tests of generators protection, transformers, electric lines, in CT and VT circuits, in setting up phase-sensitive relay protection schemes, for checking whether  electrical energy meters are connected correctly.