Microohmmeter IKS-200A

Microohmmeter IKS-200A

Number in State Register: 70449-18

While measuring electrical resistance of high current circuits (contacts of high voltage breakers and disconnecting switches, bolted and welded connections), it may be necessary to conduct measurements at the current comparable with the nominal one. In such cases it is most suitable to use Microohmmeter IKS-200A, enabling to measure low electric resistance with the measuring current of up to 200 A.

Microohmmeter IKS-200A has internal batteries, what makes it possible to conduct a series of measurements without connecting to the network, the device is easy to operate and practically requires no maintenance. The device is placed into high-impact plastic case, bears impacts and rough usage.

The device has Bluetooth interface, used for conducting remote start, viewing and saving measurements results into the memory with the help of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) on ОС Android.

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  • Measurement of electric resistance of contacts of high voltage breakers and disconnecting switches, bolted and welded connections

Distinctive features:

  • Little weight and dimensions of high-impact case
  • Little weight of cable set owing to the usage of finer wires than analogues devices have
  • Bluetooth interface for remote control from a mobile device
  • Measurement mode for breakers with integral current transformer
  • Current value from 10 to 200 A
  • Calibration interval 5 years
Range of electric resistance being measured 1 microohm to 0,1 Ohm
Current value 10…200 А
Basic measurement error ±0,1%
Uptime, not more than 5 sec
Time of one rapid measurement, not more than 3 sec
Time of one long measurement 10 sec
Time interval between measurements, not less than 10 sec
Dimensions of the device 305х245х115 mm
Weight without testing wires, not more than 4,2 kg
Indication of the measured resistance value: visual, digital, on the monochrome graphics display
Operating temperature range from -20 to +40°С

«Standard» kit:

Photo Name/product number Application
Measuring device - 1 psc.
  Connecting wire, 5 m long with the cross-section of 16 mm2 and the test probe in the form of an “alligator” type clip - 2 psc.
  Battery charger – 1 psc.
  Case for carrying wires – 1 psc.
  Operational manual and passport


Prices on request:

To know the price, please, send your request to e-mail: info@limi.ru