Three-phase volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3

Three-phase volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3

Volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3 is designed for simultaneous measurement of effective value of three phase and three phase-to-phase voltages, value of the strength of three alternating currents with simultaneous calculation of real, reactive, apparent power in the circuit, measurement of frequency and phase-shift angle between phase and phase-to-phase voltages, between currents and voltages, as well as for displaying a vector diagram of the voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

The device has a built-in function of an electrical energy meter.

The device can be used for complex tests of generators protection, transformers, electric lines, in current and voltage transformer circuits, in setting up phase-sensitive relay protection schemes, for checking whether electrical energy meters are connected correctly.

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  • Uactive three-phase and three phase-to-phase voltages, V;
  • I in 3 circuits, A;
  • P (W), Q (VAR), S (VA) power factors;
  • ƒ, Hz;
  • φ between Uf и Ul;
  • φ between I and U.

Distinctive features:

  • The most compact and the lightest (0,3 kg) of all modern 3-phase volt-ampere and phase meters;
  • All main results of measurements are shown simultaneously on 4.3” color display and vector diagram is also displayed;
  • The device makes it possible to check whether one-phase and three-phase electric energy meters are connected correctly and there is no unauthorized tampering with their operation, owing to the function of electric energy calculation;
  • The device measures AC in range 0…30 A without break in circuit. Absolute error does not exceed ±1 mA in the range of 0…50 mA;
  • The device measures phase-shift between voltage and current, when the current is less than 50 mA. Absolute error at the current from 50 mA and more is within the range of ±1 degree, at the current of 15 mA it is not more than ±3 degree;
  • The wires can be plugged into the measuring unit when the device is carried in the bag. To switch on the device it is not needed to plug in the wires, you should just open the bag.
Measurements range of:
RMS of volts AC, V 0...460
RMS of AC, A 0...30
phase-shift angle between voltage and voltage, current and current, voltage and current, degree -180...+180
real (reactive, apparent) power, W (VAr, VA) 0...13800
frequency of voltage and AC, Hz 45...65
 Limit of permissible relative error of measuring:
 RMS of volts AC, %  ± [0.2+0.01(Uk /Ui -1)]
 RMS of AC, %              ± [1+0.005(Ik /Ii -1)]
 frequency of voltage AC, %  ± 0.1%
 Limit of permissible error of measuring phase-shift angle between voltage and current (at voltage not less than 30 V and current strength not less than 100 mA), degree  ± 1
 Voltage channels input resistance, MOhm, not less than        1
 The maximum diameter of the wire covered by pincers, mm  8
 The device determines the sequential order of phases in a three-phase system
 Power supply by four accumulator batteries or batteries of size  АА
 Continuous work time from fully charged accumulator batteries with the capacity of 2500 milliampere-hour      8 hours
 Weight without accessories, not more than          0.3 kg
 Weight with accessories  2.5 kg
 Dimensions of carrying bag, not more than        290х225х250 mm
The device is intended for operation in the following conditions:
ambient temperature -20...+55 °С;
relative air humidity (without condensation of moisture) not more than 80 % at 25 °С;
atmospheric pressure 84...106,7 kPa;
Indication of the measured values on the LCD colour screen with diagonal 4.3" and resolution 480х272 pixels


RMS - root mean square

"Standard" kit:

Photo Name/product number Application
Measuring device - 1 psc.
Clamp meter with a wire for connection - 3 psc.
Щупы типа "крокодил" с проводами для измерения напряжения Test probes in the form of “alligator” type clips with the wires for measuring voltage - 4 psc.
Блок питания Power supply unit - 1 psc.
Руководство по эксплуатации и паспорт Operational manual and passport – 1 psc.
  Bag for carrying the device and accessories - 1 psc.

​​“Standard” kit can be supplied with additional accessories.

Additional accessories:

Photo Name/product number Application
 Щуп типа "крокодил" с шириной губок 4 мм Test probes of  an “alligator” type with jaw width of 4 mm - 4 psc.
 Штыревой щуп Test probes of plug-in type - 4 psc.
 Удлиненный щуп типа "крокодил" длиной 125 мм  Lengthened test probe of an “alligator” type, 125 mm long - 4 psc.
 Удлиненный щуп типа "пинцет" длиной 125 мм Lengthened tweezer probes, 125 mm long - 4 psc.
 Удлиненный щуп типа "прокол" Lengthened  test probe of a “prick” type – 4 psc.
Magnetic probes with a 6.8 mm diameter  - 4 psc.

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