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  • Microohmmeter IKS-30A

    The microohmmeter IKS-30A is an universal device that is suitable for measuring transient resistances and for measuring the resistance of circuits having a large inductance, such as windings of power transformers. Due to the wide range of measured resistances (from 1 μΩ to 100 kΩ), the device also allows to measure the resistance of Сurrent Transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (VT) windings. Providing short measurement time and high accuracy, the IKS-30A will become the optimal device for teams serving 35-110 kV substations.
    Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the device can be controlled remotely by competer or tablet. Also, using the program, it is possible to recording results of three-phase/single-phase transformers and display a test report. In the software for the laptop, in addition to the functions of remote control of the measurement and generation of the test report, there is a function for converting resistance by temperature.
    The device has a built-in damping circuit to dump the energy accumulated in the magnetic circuit during the measurement and to quickly reduce the current in the winding to safety level after the measurement.

  • Micromilliohmmeter IKS-1A is available in two kits: “Basic” and “Energetic”

    Compact micromilliohmmeter IKS-1A is designed for rapid measurement of electric resistance to direct current, mostly of contact resistance of bolted and welded connections, sockets. The device allows measuring electric resistance of low-inductive and inductive circuits of machines and instruments in the range from 1 microohm to 200 Ohms.

    The device can also be used for controlling the resistance of metallic bonding to evaluate reliability of the contact between different elements, forming electrical ground.

    In devices produced since 2019, it is available the mode “AUTO Contact” which allows to start the continuous measurement process (when both hands are occupied by measuring probes).

    The device is available in two modifications: «Basic» and «Energetic» (see the Completeness tab).

    In the kit «Energetic» the device with extended functionality allows measuring winding resistance of transformers with the power of up to 1000 kVA in the electrical grids of 0,4-10 kV.

    In the kit «Energetic» the device with extended functionality («AUTO IND» mode) allows to measure the resistance of transformer windings with power up to 1000 kVA in electrical grids of 0.4-10 kV. In addition, the device in this kit is supplied with testing wires, 3 m long with “alligator” type clips with the grip width of up to 40 mm.

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  • Three-phase volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3

    Volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3 is designed for simultaneous measurement of effective value of three phase and three phase-to-phase voltages, value of the strength of three alternating currents with simultaneous calculation of real, reactive, apparent power in the circuit, measurement of frequency and phase-shift angle between phase and phase-to-phase voltages, between currents and voltages, as well as for displaying a vector diagram of the voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

    The device has a built-in function of an electrical energy meter.

    The device can be used for complex tests of generators protection, transformers, electric lines, in current and voltage transformer circuits, in setting up phase-sensitive relay protection schemes, for checking whether electrical energy meters are connected correctly.

    Useful links: «Volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3 will help you to detect theft of electricity»

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