Measuring the resistance of metal connections

Everyone knows that properly performed grounding is the key to the safe operation of electrical installations. But not everyone pays due attention to regularly checking the metal connection of this grounding throughout the entire life of the electrical installation. The whole check comes down to making sure that all grounding lines are in good contact. Indeed, due to the values ​​of the contact resistances exceeding the standards the likelihood of a high potential on the installation body increases, and, [...]


Volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3 will help you to detect theft of electricity

The gradual growth of standards for reducing electricity losses requires a constant fight against the causes of these losses. One of the types of losses is theft of electricity by consumers. The main ways to steal electricity: Unauthorized connection to the electrical network; Interference in the operation of the consumption energy meter (magnets, bugs); Violation of the connection diagram of the consumption energy meter («inverted» phase). Fighting theft involves an integrated approach that includes combating all three methods. And if there is already extensive [...]