Devices for diagnostics of transformers

  • Transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540

    The device SEIT-4M-K540 is designed for electromagnetic testing of single-phase and three-phase transformers of all circuits and groups of windings according to GOST 3484.1-88. The transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540 is optimal for service, repair and commissioning in the field, as it is placed in an impact-resistant plastic case with a degree of protection IP67
    (Ip40 with the lid open).

    The SEIT-4M-K540 meter is controlled by the Bluetooth* interface using the computer. The software, which you can download from the flash device, allows you to take measurements, save results and generate test reports of transformers.

    *Upon request, it is possible to supply the device with an optical interface (includes the completion of the measuring unit and option art. 3902).