IUS-4p — Device for measuring the electrical resistivity

IUS-4p — Device for measuring the electrical resistivity

One of the most important parameters characterizing the quality of carbon products (graphite electrodes for electric furnaces, carbon blocks for electrolyzers, etc.) is electrical resistivity. The electrical resistivity value should be controlled both at intermediate technological operations and at the end of the production cycle to determine the brand of the product.

The IUS-4 meter is designed for the operational determination of the electrical resistivity of carbon-graphite products, including graphite electrodes and workpieces by one operator. The device allows measurements with end current input. The device is intended for use at enterprises of the electrode industry, as well as non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy.

To determine the electrical resistivity of the nipples, the IUS-4 meter can optionally be equipped with two pairs of sensors, which are connected to the device probes with flexible wires.

To measure the electrical resistivity of graphite electrodes, a stationary version of the IUS-4s can be used as part of the measuring stand. In stationary version of the device is used higher measuring current, due to which a higher measurement accuracy is achieved. This device is equipped with an RS-232 interface for communication with a computer. Power supply of IUS-4s from a 220 V, 50 Hz network.

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  • Operational measuring of electrical resistivity of the cylindrically shaped carbon-graphite items

* Measuring sensors (art. 2201, art. 2202), specified in the additional accessories, allow you to determine the resistivity of carbon-graphite products of various shapes and nipples

Distinctive features:

  • Ability to carry out a measurement, consisting of both one observation and a series
  • Two modification of the device: IUS-4p and IUS-4s. IUS-4s modification as part of a measuring stand with high measuring current and higher measurement accuracy
Effective measuring range of electrical resistivity (ER) 2...100 μΩ ∙m
Scale point of the least category of the output code 0.01 μΩ ∙m
Maximum basic measurement error ±0.1 μΩ ∙m
Distance between the voltage probes 600±2 mm
One measurement time is up to 2 sec.
Interval between measurements is not less than 5 sec.
Time response for the operation mode, up to 5 sec.
The device dimensions, up to 600×150×130 mm.
Weight, up to 4 kg
Visual and digital (four-place decimal) indication of the measured value of ER
The device indicates a current result, an observation consecutive number, an averaged result by the series of observations and a diameter of the measured electrode
Service life of the device at continuous operation on a single charge while conducting 1000 observations, up to 50 hours
The device is powered autonomously from the accumulator battery, 6 V, 4.5 A·h
Cross section diagonal of the items in assessment (75 – 1600) mm

"Standard" kit:

Photo Name/product number Application
Measuring device-sensor with remote control console    1 psc.
Power supply unit    1 psc.
Operational manual and passport     1 psc.
Shunt type 75ШСММ3-75-0,5 or equivalent    1 psc.

Additional accessories:

Photo Name/product number Application
   Sensor for determining the resistivity of biconical nipples (art. 2201)      1 set.
   Sensor for determining the resistivity of cylindrical nipples (art. 2202)     1 set.

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