Microohmmeter IKS-30A

Microohmmeter IKS-30A

The microohmmeter IKS-30A is an universal device that is suitable for measuring transient resistances and for measuring the resistance of circuits having a large inductance, such as windings of power transformers. Due to the wide range of measured resistances (from 1 μΩ to 100 kΩ), the device also allows to measure the resistance of Сurrent Transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (VT) windings. Providing short measurement time and high accuracy, the IKS-30A will become the optimal device for teams serving 35-110 kV substations.
Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the device can be controlled remotely by competer or tablet. Also, using the program, it is possible to recording results of three-phase/single-phase transformers and display a test report. In the software for the laptop, in addition to the functions of remote control of the measurement and generation of the test report, there is a function for converting resistance by temperature.
The device has a built-in damping circuit to dump the energy accumulated in the magnetic circuit during the measurement and to quickly reduce the current in the winding to safety level after the measurement.

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  • Measurement of electrical resistance of contacts of high-voltage switches with built-in current transformers
  • Measuring winding resistance of transformers with the power of up to 100 MVA
  • Measurement of bolted, welded, contact resistances
  • Сontrol of the resistance of metallic bonding
  • Diagnostics of the windings of hybrid motor generators
  • Control of electric resistance of wheel pairs

Distinctive features:

  • Light weight and compact dimensions
  • Measuring current up to 30A
  • Battery power
  • Bluetooth interface for remote control
  • High inductance measurement with resistance measurement range up to 100 kΩ
Resistance range 1 µΩ ... 100 kΩ
Basic measurement error ±0.1%
Measuring current intensity up to 30 A
Uptime, not more than 5 sec
Dimensions of the device 240х200х110 mm
Weight without testing wires, not more than 2.2 kg
Resolution display, pixels 128х64
Ambient temperature, operational from -20 to +55°С

«Basic» kit:

Photo Name/product number Application
Measuring device - 1 psc.
  Testing wires, 7 m long with “alligator” type clips with the grip width up to 55 mm - 2 psc.
  Charger from the network 220 V 50 Hz – 1 psc.
  Carry case for wires – 1 psc.
  Operational manual and passport – 1 psc.

Additional accessories:

Photo Name/product number Application
Testing wires, 12 m long with “alligator” type clips with the grip width up to 55 mm - 1 set. (art. 2401)

Prices on request:

To know the price, please, send your request to e-mail: info@limi.ru