Transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540

Transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540

The device SEIT-4M-K540 is designed for electromagnetic testing of single-phase and three-phase transformers of all circuits and groups of windings according to GOST 3484.1-88. The transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540 is optimal for service, repair and commissioning in the field, as it is placed in an impact-resistant plastic case with a degree of protection IP67
(Ip40 with the lid open).

The SEIT-4M-K540 meter is controlled by the Bluetooth* interface using the computer. The software, which you can download from the flash device, allows you to take measurements, save results and generate test reports of transformers.

*Upon request, it is possible to supply the device with an optical interface (includes the completion of the measuring unit and option art. 3902).


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The device performs the following operations:

  • Measurement of losses and Idle Current
  • Measurement of losses and short-circuit voltages
  • Determination of the transformation coefficient and the group of connection of the windings
  • Resistance measurement of direct current windings
  • Test report generation
Measurement range of current, A* 1; 10
Measurement range of voltage, V 20; 100; 400; 700**
Measurement range of resistance, Ω 0.01; 0.2; 2; 20; 200
Measurement range of frequency, Hz 45 - 55
The limits of the permissible basic reduced error of current measurement,% ±0.2
The limits of permissible basic reduced error of voltage measurement,% ±0.2
The limits of the permissible basic reduced error of power measurement,% ±0.2
The limits of permissible basic reduced error of resistance measurement,% ±0.5
Dimensions, mm, no more 360х300х165
Weight without test wires, no more 7.5 kg
Power supply from AC 220 V, 50 Hz

*Usage the CHEP3905 current transformer unit, which is purchased separately, the current measurement range can be expanded to 60 A
**At a limit of 700 V, the error is not standardized

«Basic» kit:

Photo Name/product number Application
Measuring unit (MU)    1 psc.
Testing wires with «alligator» type clips with
the grip width up to 55 mm and one common
connector (for measuring resistance)   1 kit.
Power cord    1 psc.
Flash device with software    1 psc.
Operation manual and passport    1 psc.

Additional accessories:

Photo Name/product number Application
   Block of current transformer (BCT) CHEP3905 with MU-BCT
connecting cable (art. 3905)   1 psc.
   Optical interface for communication with a PC complete with
an adapter (art. 3902)   1 psc.
A set of 3 in 1 wires for connecting to a transformer (art.
1.  1. Current-carrying wire, 5 m long (SEIT-transformer)   3 pcs.
2.  2. Potential wire, 5 m long (SEIT-transformer)   3 pcs.
3.  3. Current-carrying wire, 5 m long (LATR-SEIT)   3 pcs.

Prices on request:

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