• Microohmmeter IKS-30A

    The microohmmeter IKS-30A is an universal device that is suitable for measuring transient resistances and for measuring the resistance of circuits having a large inductance, such as windings of power transformers. Due to the wide range of measured resistances (from 1 μΩ to 100 kΩ), the device also allows to measure the resistance of Сurrent Transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (VT) windings. Providing short measurement time and high accuracy, the IKS-30A will become the optimal device for teams serving 35-110 kV substations.
    Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the device can be controlled remotely by competer or tablet. Also, using the program, it is possible to recording results of three-phase/single-phase transformers and display a test report. In the software for the laptop, in addition to the functions of remote control of the measurement and generation of the test report, there is a function for converting resistance by temperature.
    The device has a built-in damping circuit to dump the energy accumulated in the magnetic circuit during the measurement and to quickly reduce the current in the winding to safety level after the measurement.

  • Transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540

    The device SEIT-4M-K540 is designed for electromagnetic testing of single-phase and three-phase transformers of all circuits and groups of windings according to GOST 3484.1-88. The transformer characteristics meter SEIT-4M-K540 is optimal for service, repair and commissioning in the field, as it is placed in an impact-resistant plastic case with a degree of protection IP67
    (Ip40 with the lid open).

    The SEIT-4M-K540 meter is controlled by the Bluetooth* interface using the computer. The software, which you can download from the flash device, allows you to take measurements, save results and generate test reports of transformers.

    *Upon request, it is possible to supply the device with an optical interface (includes the completion of the measuring unit and option art. 3902).


  • IUS-4p — Device for measuring the electrical resistivity

    One of the most important parameters characterizing the quality of carbon products (graphite electrodes for electric furnaces, carbon blocks for electrolyzers, etc.) is electrical resistivity. The electrical resistivity value should be controlled both at intermediate technological operations and at the end of the production cycle to determine the brand of the product.

    The IUS-4 meter is designed for the operational determination of the electrical resistivity of carbon-graphite products, including graphite electrodes and workpieces by one operator. The device allows measurements with end current input. The device is intended for use at enterprises of the electrode industry, as well as non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy.

    To determine the electrical resistivity of the nipples, the IUS-4 meter can optionally be equipped with two pairs of sensors, which are connected to the device probes with flexible wires.

    To measure the electrical resistivity of graphite electrodes, a stationary version of the IUS-4s can be used as part of the measuring stand. In stationary version of the device is used higher measuring current, due to which a higher measurement accuracy is achieved. This device is equipped with an RS-232 interface for communication with a computer. Power supply of IUS-4s from a 220 V, 50 Hz network.

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  • Micromilliohmmeter IKS-1A is available in two kits: “Basic” and “Energetic”

    Compact micromilliohmmeter IKS-1A is designed for rapid measurement of electric resistance to direct current, mostly of contact resistance of bolted and welded connections, sockets. The device allows measuring electric resistance of low-inductive and inductive circuits of machines and instruments in the range from 1 microohm to 200 Ohms.

    The device can also be used for controlling the resistance of metallic bonding to evaluate reliability of the contact between different elements, forming electrical ground.

    In devices produced since 2019, it is available the mode “AUTO Contact” which allows to start the continuous measurement process (when both hands are occupied by measuring probes).

    The device is available in two modifications: «Basic» and «Energetic» (see the Completeness tab).

    In the kit «Energetic» the device with extended functionality allows measuring winding resistance of transformers with the power of up to 1000 kVA in the electrical grids of 0,4-10 kV.

    In the kit «Energetic» the device with extended functionality («AUTO IND» mode) allows to measure the resistance of transformer windings with power up to 1000 kVA in electrical grids of 0.4-10 kV. In addition, the device in this kit is supplied with testing wires, 3 m long with “alligator” type clips with the grip width of up to 40 mm.

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  • Microohmmeter IKS-200A

    While measuring electrical resistance of high current circuits (contacts of high voltage breakers and disconnecting switches, bolted and welded connections), it may be necessary to conduct measurements at the current comparable with the nominal one. In such cases it is most suitable to use Microohmmeter IKS-200A, enabling to measure low electric resistance with the measuring current of up to 200 A.

    Microohmmeter IKS-200A has internal batteries, what makes it possible to conduct a series of measurements without connecting to the network, the device is easy to operate and practically requires no maintenance. The device is placed into high-impact plastic case, bears impacts and rough usage.

    The device has Bluetooth interface, used for conducting remote start, viewing and saving measurements results into the memory with the help of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) on ОС Android.

  • Microohmmeter IKS-5

    Compact portable Microohmmeter IKS-5 is designed for rapid measurement of low electric resistance to direct current, mostly of contact resistance of high voltage breakers and disconnecting switchers. The device allows measuring electric resistance of low-inductive circuits of machines and instruments in the range from 1 to 10000 microohm.

    Microohmmeter is developed on modern hardware components, and includes a microcomputer unit and an integrated analog-to-digital converter of high resolution, thus removing power line frequency interference (tested at the distance of 5 meters from the line of 500 kV), the device is easy to operate and practically requires no maintenance. The device is placed into the rugged welded case made of aluminium alloy, bears impacts and rough usage.

    The device is designed to be used at electric power enterprises, electric lines, electric generating stations and electric power substation, as well as at electrified railroad substations.

  • Three-phase volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3

    Volt-ampere phase meter VFM-3 is designed for simultaneous measurement of effective value of three phase and three phase-to-phase voltages, value of the strength of three alternating currents with simultaneous calculation of real, reactive, apparent power in the circuit, measurement of frequency and phase-shift angle between phase and phase-to-phase voltages, between currents and voltages, as well as for displaying a vector diagram of the voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

    The device has a built-in function of an electrical energy meter.

    The device can be used for complex tests of generators protection, transformers, electric lines, in current and voltage transformer circuits, in setting up phase-sensitive relay protection schemes, for checking whether electrical energy meters are connected correctly.

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